“I still have the scar”

There was a wee blether on a FB forum aboot the caw for a fyow Scots language coordinators for oor scuils. Maist of the anti-Scots bawheids cudna tell Gaelic frae Scots, an that tells ye something in o itsel. Onieweys, this wee postin caucht ma ee…😕

Others telt the same tale

  • A mind weans getting shouted et fur yaisin Scots whin a wis in primary, an a’m only 31! Absolutely shocking.
  • Was telt aff for saying aye, I ken and other Scots phrases in primary school in the 70s.
  • We wur punished fir yasin’ Scots at skale. Thing is, it’s no a bad thing if abody can spik baith Scots as weel as standard English. Scots shouldnae be discouraged, ever, but I’ve aye been ‘bilingual’ in baith, an it means I can pitch mysel intae mair circles.

Michael Dempster addit

A hear a lot o thir kin o stories day tae day. An fir aw thaim thit’ll tell ye them there a thoosan thit taen the lesson an raised their bairns wi the fear o gettin hit fir the wey they speak. An stull the day A hear o weans in the scuils an nurseries gettin lairnt no tae talk in Scots as if they wis gaun’ae get hit fir daein hit. On Sunday A wis on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday show talkin aboot the stigma we cairry fir talkin in Scots. We’ve haed generations o this violence an hit’ll tak generations fir tae shake hits effects. Gettin the message oot thit ye’r alooed tae talk Scots whane’er an whaure’er ye’r talkin tae anither spikker, nae maitter their Scots dialect, or thaim thit’s a comprehendin non-spikker, is vital tae the rehabilitation an preservation o oor language.

Juist talk Scots, ye’r alooed tae! 🙂

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