Haaick an ‘Teri talk’

Tongue-lashing for Mel Gibson over Hawick accent

The official trailer for The Professor and the Madman, starring Mel Gibson as Denholm-born teacher and lexicographer James Murray, is now available to watch on YouTube, but it’s leaving some viewers unimpressed. Murray, born in 1837, was a teacher at Hawick Grammar School, a founder member of Hawick Archaeological Society and a central figure in creating the Oxford English Dictionary.

Many Hawick (Haaick) residents speak the local dialect of Border Scots which is i known as “Teri Talk”. The speech of this general area was described in Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland (downloadable, 1873) by James Murray, considered the first systematic study of any dialect. Here’s some Teri Talk.

Teri Talk – Raiding Reivers by Wilton Primary School | Scots Language Project 2018

As part of Hawick Reivers Festival 2018, 7 primary Schools in Hawick and the surrounding areas, took part in a film project all about a family clan. This is …

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