Gaelic stushie in Fife

I’m not sure what people expected, TBH. Fife has few Gaelic links, it does however have a vibrant but largely-ignored working class Scots-speaking tradition.

As the Gaelic Language Plan is reaching Scots-speaking areas it beginning to look hopelessly flawed and injust. This is fuelling anti-Gaelic resentment, and providing ammunition for the reactionary Brits, which is bad for everybody. The SNP response of ‘just call them bigots’ is disappointing, to say the least.

Accusations of bigotry in clash over Gaelic languageSNP councillors were furious with the negative reaction the plan received from members of other parties. Councillor Brian Goodall was “annoyed and angered” by the “vile and bigoted” anti-Gaelic comments. He said: “If these comments had been made about any other language there would be outrage.”

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