Gael warning

A hae gien ma ain thochts on Gaelic monie times e.g Gaelic and Scots – why are they treated differently?, but braid-like A’m aw fur the tung. Like monie fowk A’m fair disapyntit syne by the Wings postin ablow, A doot the guid Rev fell on his erse there.

A guid response ablow. The Gaelic “lobby” is apen tae aw sorts of creeticism ower its effectiveness, priorities an – ma ain thriep – lack o acknowledgement o Scots. But as the blog seys dismissin Gaelic ootricht Daily-Mail style on groons o “usefulness” or “cultural relevance” is pure keech.

We bide in a monie-lingual kintra. Gaels ignorin Scots (an special-like whan they’re blunderin aboot p*ssin fowk aff in tradeetional-like Scots speaking airts) is nae better nor Monos ignorin Gaels. Waur mibbies, they shud ken better. A’m no wey an agin the Gaelic, A’m agin no warkin thegither.

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