Dundee dialect survey – video and vitriol

Survey hoping to gain an insight into how English-speaking people comprehend sentences spoken in Scottish dialects, and vice-versa, “basically understand how people use accent and dialect to comprehend sentences”.

“I am thrilled with the response that we’ve got from people. People are just really glad that we’re taking an interest in Scottish language and they’re really keen to get involved and give me hints and tips and things, which are much appreciated.

VIDEO: Thousands take part in Dundee student’s survey of Scots dialects – The Courier

Thousands have taken part in a Dundee student survey of Scottish dialects aimed at better understanding how people interpret some of the country’s most outlandish words. Unique Scots expressions including “gutties”, “skelp” and “tattie-champer” were among those which captured the imagination of the public as part of the study by Dundee University into the relationship between the English language and our Scots dialects.

The Daily Mail had a different take, of course.

Scientists are analysing how English people respond to Scottish slang

Scientists surveyed 1,500 English people on 90 of Scotland’s best slang words Words include bahookie, tattie-champer, skel and gloaming They now plan to use eye-tracking to test their reactions to this language Result could explain how people use accent and dialect to understand sentences Scroll down to test your Scottish slang knowledge From ‘gutties’ to ‘tattie-champer’, Scottish people have some of the most weird and wonderful slang words in the world.


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