A selection of TV and radio documentaries about Scots.

[VIDEO] The Story of English Episode 4 The Guid Scots Tongue (1986)

[VIDEO] The Mother Tongue (1996)

[AUDIO] Speaking Out  (1996) 

[VIDEO] The Big Scots Road Trip (2005)

[VIDEO] Scots language of the People (2006)

[VIDEO] Minding Our Language – Ulster-Scots (2015) Covers quite a lot about mainland Scots, too

[AUDIO] The Scots Tongue (2016) 

[AUDIO] Celebrating the Scots language (2019) with Billy Kay

Inside Europe: Celebrating the Scots language | DW | 27.09.2019

The first ever Scots language awards have been held in Glasgow, bringing together scholars, writers and musicians to celebrate of one of Scotland’s native languages: Scots. But if you’ve never heard of the language or thought that Scots Gaelic was the only native Scottish language, you’re not alone.

[VIDEO] Rebel Tongue (2020)

Rebel Tongue

For years, Scotland’s third language has been ignored or mocked – now it’s fighting back.

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