Daft Days

‘Get aw yer messages, prezzies an food in!’ Stuart Paterson pens Lidl ‘daft day’ poem

POETS across the country poets have been writing about Christmas in their own local language as supermarket chain Lidl champions the “daft days”, a term originally used to describe the Christmas and Hogmanay holidays and made famous by Scottish 18th-century poet Robert Fergusson.

More on Fergusson’s Daft Days poem.

Scotslanguage.com – Fergusson’s Daft Days

The Daft Days is a marvellous poem by Robert Fergusson which celebrates that period in the year running from Christmas (25 December), through New Year, and into the first Monday of the year, known as Handsel Monday. After the Reformation of 1560, the old feast of Christmas was generally discouraged …

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