Da Descriptive Wan – Shetland wirds

Braw wee video aboot Shetland wirds.

Moaderate: adj – of the weather: calm, temperate; of a person: unassuming, calm Overly: adj – given to extremes, excessive Lood: adj – loud Halliget: adj – wild, given to unrestrained behaviour Oolet: n – a troublesome child, brat Peerie: adj – small Bairn: n – a child Pisk: n – a cheeky child, little rascal or a gossip, prying person Trooker: n – a rogue, mischief-maker, disreputable person Shilpet: adj – sour Paloovious: adj – very drunk Misanter: n – a mishap, an accident Mirackle: v – to injure severely

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