Curing the idea that Scots is slang

Minded o a hairtenin study fae 30 year back. In 1991 Janet Menzies, warkin wi young speakers o Glesga Scots foond that giein jist a basic talk aboot, ‘the facts relating to the Scots language’ had a muckle pey-aff for linguistic sel-confidence. Sic a wee blether wi thaim wis, ‘sufficient to cure the habit of equating all non-standard variables with slang’. Insteid they stairtit tae describe the selsame wirds as ‘my dialect’ or ‘the Scots language’. The tak-awa is it can be a skoosh tae turn dreich ideas aboot Scots aroon. Menzies, J. (1991) An investigation of attitudes to Scots and Glasgow dialect among secondary school pupils. Scottish Language, 10, 30-46

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