Cringe worthy

Mike Small in the Scots corner vs  Alex Massie in the Panloaf corner.

… ding ding, saiconts oot….

Confidence in our nation speaks for itself

So farewell then, Liz Lochhead, whose term as Scotland’s national poet, or “makar”, has come to an end. I doubt I am alone in failing to recall any of the poems you wrote while occupying this post but then, and perhaps you will agree, the poetry was only a small part of your remit.


Michael Hance Weel, actually, 1.5 million fowk speaks Scots. That’s whit the census in 2011 tellt us. Mibbe they were jist makkin it up…..

Níall Páraig Ó Treasaigh “You’re all just making it up” said everybody agin the Scots ever.


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