Celebrate modern Scots too

The author writes, “a country’s language is a defining part of its identity”, but due to Scots’ close relationship to English, it is entangled in classism, as it is largely spoken by the working class, and its so use as a celebration of Scottishness is challenging and open to attack from unionists.  

I studied literature at a Scottish university a decade ago, and while there were some Scottish authors on the syllabus, the existence of Scots as a language wasn’t even acknowledged, let alone studied.

Now there is more acceptance of Scots, but,

Children need to be encouraged to speak and write in Scots. While “slang”, as it is thought to be, was drummed out of Scottish children, including myself, the benefits of fluency in English and Scots can’t be understated.

What of the unionists’ opposition to Scots?

Scottish author Ross Sayers said of the issue: “I think the anti-Scots language folk are a very small but loud minority on social media. My feeling is, in the real world, people are largely supportive of seeing more work in Scots.

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