Westminster Inquiry on Scots

The future of minority languages in the British Isles and the Government’s role in supporting and developing them is the subject of a new inquiry from Westminster’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee Committee. MPs will consider the key factors determining whether a minority language thrives, what the criteria should be for determining official status, and whether there are lessons to be learnt from other countries where there is widespread fluency in more than one language.

The inquiry is currently accepting evidence. “The committee wants to hear your views. We welcome submissions from anyone with answers to the questions in the call for evidence. You can submit evidence until Friday 10 March 2023”.

‘Jai’ no ‘Jay’?

My understanding is that /dZai/ pronunciation for letter J is generally Scottish, and not restricted to Glasgow, or the west coast. It was a feature that really struck me when I first came up from England to work and live in Glasgow in the late 90s. But I heard it from speakers from Edinburgh/the East too.

Jane Stuart-Smith, Professor of Phonetics and Sociolinguistics at the University of Glasgow

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