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Doric course at Aberdeen University

Doric to be taught at university to empower form of Scots

Doric, a form of North East Scots that is spoken by 49 per cent of people in Aberdeenshire, will now be taught to undergraduates at Aberdeen University with the course counting towards a student’s degree.

Doric (North East Scots) is to be taught as a 15-credit undergraduate course at Aberdeen University. The module is designed to introduce students to Doric/North-East Scots and develops oral and written skills, explores North-East culture through song and story, and places Doric in the wider context of the Scots language, and other related European traditions.

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a linguistic treat – play ‘Spot the Scots words’.

From ‘Boke’ To ‘Slabber’: All The ‘Derry Girls’ Lingo You Need To Know

It’s rare that a such universally loved show comes along, but Channel 4’s new comedy is just that, having already been commissioned for a second series after 1.6 million of us tuned into the first episode. If you still haven’t had the pleasure, the show centres around a group of five (reckless) Derry/Londonderry school friends and is set against the spectre of The Troubles.


Braw wirds frae the Shetland Dialect

Comedian Marjolein Robertson on some important wirds in the Shetland Dialect.

Dialect | Shetland Life

Marjolein is a comedian fromShetland – a Scottish island known for it’s tiny horses, and being quite remote. Marjolein wants to share some of her favourite w…


in some parts of Scotland, a ‘pilly’ means a pillow, whereas in Shetland, a pilly means… well… it means penis. Don’t get those two muddled up.


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