Usefu resources

Afore ye len a lug tae the haiverers deivin on Scots disna exist or is a dialeck or whittever, ae-twa things tae hae a keek at 

  1.  http://www.scotslanguage.com – jist aboot awthing aboot Scots there.
  2. http://www.phil.muni.cz/linguistica/art/machan/mac-001.pdf – a Czech academic linguist in 2013 gies an owerview o Modren Scots an English in Scotland.
  3. http://www.scots-online.org – aw aboot Scots grammar, Scots dialects, an a braw online dictionar
  4. https://www.academia.edu/2182766/Modern_Scots_2nd_completely_revised_and_updated_edition – a 2005 gremmar o Modern Scots by a Gairman linguist Alexander Berg Jist ootstaunin, incluidin aw the modren linguistic studies in it – A doot naebodie’ll blether on aboot Scots bein a ‘dialect’ aifter readin this
  5. This will apen yer een an aw – a literary Scots gremmar, the Manual of Modern Scots frae 1921 – ay, near a hunnert year syne.
  6. https://archive.org/details/manualofmodernsc00granuoft – ye can buy a hard copie fae Amazon an aw. This is the foondation stane o aw Scots grammars.

Read these an mak up yer ain minds…

Innin ti the Scots Leid

Freens, howkin thou an auld boax A fun this wee buikie frae the Aiberdeen Univairsitie Scots Leid Quorum furthset aboot 20 year syne.


This is rerr, is whit got me stairtit again wi ‘sairious’ Scots! 20 odd pages, kivvers history, literature, spellins, a bit o gremmar, cairts an some guid vocab. A’d be fair awa sharin it wi yez (A made a pdf) but A aye caw cannie anent copiericht an sic like. 🙁

The enless stushie anent stannarts

Fsaltireowk can yae get intae a fecht aboot stannarts in Scots. Here’s a bittie frae a FB discussion aboot this postin whaur A wis claimin that ‘nae stannards’ is a myth.

[The airticle] recognises there is twa tungs, an awbodie yaises a mixter-maxter. “Most Scots, myself included, mash these up these two languages, using vocabulary, grammatical forms, and vocabulary from both, sometimes even in the same sentence“. Whit fowk dinna ken is hoo tae write Scots. There is nae need tae ‘mak up’ a written stannart, there is ane oot there awreddies. Jist stairt teachin it…

Whaur is this stannart”? Whaur d’ye stairt?

Nae mystery. Tae big up the core stairt warkin thou Colin’s ‪http://www.amazon.co.uk/Luath-Scots…/dp/1906307431

Yaise ‪http://www.amazon.co.uk/Modren-Scots…/dp/1908373393/ as a grammar back up an ‪http://www.amazon.co.uk/Essential-Scots…/dp/0748622012/ as a stairter dictionary.

Get a haud o ‪http://www.amazon.co.uk/Manual-modern…/dp/1117717828/ tae get a historical perspective an tak a keek at the cuttie ‪http://www.amazon.co.uk/Very-Peculiar…/dp/1908759631/ fur a bittie mair o the modern cultural context.

Readin? Stairt wi onie o the comic buiks owersett (translatit) by Matthew Fitt or Susan Rennie. There muckle, muckle mair but I’d say aifter getting thou that lot ye’d ken the current Scots prentit stannart” as weel as oniebodie here.

But are these no jist descriptive or parteecular fowk’s tak on things. An there are sindrie ither resources.

A’v warked wi aw thae resources (no the comics). A’v cross-referenced thaim line by line. There a bitite variation but gien they are written by sindrie fowk ower near a century they are that close that thegither they form a real standard. Gin yer luikin fur some high-hedyins tae tell us whit tae dae, weel that disna exist (nor fur English either BTW), sae whit haws kythed here for Scots is e’en mair remairkable. A’d say BTW the dismissal “juist parteecular fowk’s tak on things” is a kin o insultin in gien the scholarship an darg that haes gone intae the research. Onieweys hoo aboot comparing thaim yersel wi the ooutsaunin Alexander Bergs’ Modern Scots (the maist up-tae-date description o Scots gremmar an yiss) an telling us hoo this isna a stannard-in-practice? Bergs is a historical linguist an Chair of English Language and Linguistics in a Gairman uni, BTW.

Modern Scots, 2nd completely revised and updated editionModern Scots, 2nd completely revised and updated edition

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 But a grammar isna a spellin stannart. Onie spellins Berg uises he’s waled hissel fae the variations that’s aboot.

 Onie publisht description o a language is in itself a stannart. Whit else is it? That’s the wey English warks, that’s the wey Scots warks. The fact that the correspondence a tween aw these accoonts is that high *athoot* a stannardisin bodie fae an academic perspective is richt meaninfu in o itself.

 Whit aboot the dialeck staundarts frae Kynoch (on the Doric) and the like?

A wis actually tocht the Scots at the scull. The teacher stairtit by askin us whit wirds an seyins we yaised in the pleygroon. Whit oor fowks yaised, the grannies an awbodie. Whit did they mean, hoo wid ye (cud ye e’en) sey that in English? She then read bitties oot o Wee

McGreegor and we aw lairned ‘The boy on the train’ an we’d write wee stories. Sae the local (Central Scots Fife) dialeck an leeterarie leids wis yised thegither an as bairns we haed nae problem wi thon. A cam awa thinkin that Scots wis a richt respectable tung, we shud be prood o oor local dialect an Scots wis as ‘rael’ a language as onie ither, an (pace the comments abune) there wis nae quaistion that the leeterarie stannard wis *the* stannart. A doot A wis kinna luckie….

Kynoch jist aboot set oot a written stannart for the Doric. Gin A wis writ in in Doric A’d yaise thon, it’s grand, but a dinna. The problem wi monie ither Scots dialeck buikies (an A hae a wheen) is that they tak the Parliamo Glasgow approach of comedy orthography.

 But whit’s wrang wi pleyin wi the language?

There a fankle here atween ‘creative’ Scots an ‘communicative’ Scots. A’m mair interestit in the latter. The hale pynt o communicative writin is that other fowk can (an dae) read it. Readin taks time. Interpretin fowks’ daft makkit-up spellins is jist a waste o ma time, in Scots, English or onie ither tung. Gin yer writin poetry, dialeck-specific stuff or comedie, thon’s a different maitter.

Sae, tae sum up, there isna a wheen o stannarts at aw. There is ainlie whit fowk yaise in publisht text. Dialeck wark is a reid herrin. These is dialecks, naethin mair nor less. Fowk haes aye makkit up their ain fantoosh spellin fantasies, ignoring whit fowk hae bin writin fur a hunnert year or mair. They’r richtlie ignored. Fin oot an follae real practice, an ye’ll no gang far wrang. 

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