Scots Language Awards 2020: Awbodie’s a winner!

Winners annoonced for the Scots Language Awards 2020

Ower the weekend o 23rd an 24th October, the 2020 Scots Language Awards, wir celebatit online wi a gaitherin o kenspeckle fowk fae aa the airts includin comic Janey Godley. Twa days dedicatit tae Scots leid an cultur saw a Fridaynicht concert fae sangster Iona Fyfe an her trio.

Scots Language Awards 2020 Ceremony and Gala Concert

Join Hands Up for Trad for the Scots Language Awards Ceremony and Gala Concert. Performance, Awards and Scots chat from Alistair Heather, Jim Malcolm, Gerda …

Comedy star Janey Godley named ‘Scots Speaker of the Year’

The stand-up and actress, whose videos voiceovers of Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus briefings have won her worldwide recognition, said she was “over the moon” at winning the major honour at the Scots Language Awards.

Scots Schuil o the Year gings tae Banff Academy

Hands Up For Trad an Creative Scotland celebrated the Scots Leid Awards online wi a weekend dedicatit tae braw Scots music an cultur. Hostit by Alistair Heather, the Scots Schuil o the Year award wint tae Banff Academy file Scots Performer o the Year wis awardit tae Huntly’s Iona Fyfe.