Burns an the Scots Language

Celebrating Burns and the Scots Language

In a Pairlament whaur ye cuid be forgien fur thinkin at Scotland haes anely twa leids, it waes aye gonnae be hert-warmin tae hear Scots bein spoken an see it gien the mense it deserves in the debate haudit tae celebrate Burns an the Scots leid oan 25th Januar.

The question isna nooadays ‘is Scots a language or no?’ but ‘is Scots a richt minoritie language wi aw that follaes?’. By thon a mean mair standardisation, language raxin, status biggin, eddication mainstreamin, braidcastin, speaker richts an aw the lave o’t. Athoot yon Scots’ll nae doot stotter alang like a culural zombie fur anither generation or twa then drap doon deid. Thesel-appyntit “in chairge” o Scots (maistlie scrievers, no linguists or eddicators btw) jist isna that interesit in thon awfie-needit political side o’t. An thon is coonter tae the wey amaist ilk ither minoritie language is traitit. Whit’s the wey aroon that, tho? Bearin in mind that ECMRL is maist likelie noo oot the post-Brexit windae an aw.


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