Broons the drama – Troll haes braw idea!

The author o the story writes on Facebook, “Jist fun another troll wha hates that Scots hae a language and hae platforms tae express themsels oan. I’m no hurt cos it’s no the first or last time I’ve dealt wi trolls wha insult or deride me cos I yaise Scots language in my writing fer weans. I jist thocht I’d show ye aw here whit I see on a regular basis when promotin my work. I dinna engage wi them. It jist gets intae mess if I dae. I’ve better hings tae dae wi my time onywey like come up wi mair stories in Scots and encourage Scots literacy. ? It got me thinkin though. Wha else here has come up against this nonsense when they hae scrieved in Scots on social medias?”.

Lots o guid responses, includin, “Aye, language insecurity is a clear symptom o a mair muckle disfunction. But that’s turnin roon as fowk gain cultural an democratic confidence. Haud gaun. Brilliant resources for bairns!”. An…”The maddest thing here is that the Broons an Oor Wullie nivver has been dramatised / animated by the BBC. That wad hae been ma response if I wis the kin o chiel that posts on twitter”.

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