Bella – noo wi addit Scots!

Anither stap forrit…

“Bella is delichtit tae annoonce a new strand o wark celebratin Gaelic and Scots language and culture wi regular content tae be published in baith languages and in ither forms (featuring poetry, music and visual airt).

The wark will be led by three commissionin editors, fae Gaelic: Ruaridh MacIver, Daibhidh Rothach and Rona Dhomhnallach and Billy KayMatthew Fitt and Janet Paisley fae Scots.

Editor Mike Small said:

“It’s an ootstandin swatch o folk that are jinin oor editorial team – we are gaun tae bring new richness and smeddum tae Bella’s cultural content and promotion o Scottish culture. We hae brocht thegither a wheen talentit contributors fae up and doon the kintrae tae create content and weelcome input and submissions fae ithers. It’s time tae tak a far mair gallus approach tae defendin and mair importantly celebratin oor cultural diversity.”

The annooncement follaes the Scotsman’s decision tae bring til an end its ain Gaelic pages efter 89 year and at a time when attacks on oor ain culture(s) hae become routine. While we wid aye repone til and ding doon sic attacks, oor main focus will be on celebration and giein folk the same Bella content o commentary and opeenion but in oor ain hamelt leids. We will be celebratin new publications, events, projects and concerts wi interviews and features reflectin the cultural revival and aw.

The group hae agreed the follaein warkin practice. That oor different leids and culturs are pairt o a rich continuum and heritage, it is coonter productive (and historically glaikit) tae pit yin agin the tither. Oor leids are leevin leids and yaised in everyday life, sae it maks nae sense tae ainly value them in a tradeetional context, nor tae hirsel them intae particular pairts o the country.”

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