Aw aboot cless

Mathew Fitt (richt-like) taks the strunts at Muriel Gray tweetin that the Scots language he writes wis


Matthew Fitt: Flytin my Scots is aboot class, not Yes or Naw

WHEN nane ither than Muriel Gray tweetit that the Scots language I write in this hummle dottled much-malkied newspaper column wis ‘P-I-S-H’, I taen it as a badge o honour. I’ve aye liked her style. Muriel never hauds back and caws a shool a shovel and me a ‘dumbed doon’ chibber o the auld Scots tongue.

Masel, A’v thrawn a deiffie at Gray aifter she wrote in a paper monie years syne.


But onieways he makes the guid pynt:

We need tae be mair honest. It’s aboot class. Onybody that thinks the Scottish middle classes in general dinnae hae a problem wi the wey the Scottish workin class speak doesnae ken Scotland.

Scots is aw aboot cless.

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