Over 2022 more resources will be added to the is to help adults learn or re-learn the Scots language to be able to use it in an everyday context.

However, learning Scots is not quite like learning French, or even Gaelic. The confusing mixing of Scots and Scots English in spoken use, and the continuing stigmatisation of Scots itself, means that negative attitudes have to be addressed from the outset. Even some Scots speakers are not convinced it is a ‘language’, bit just a type of English.

These videos capture some of those issues. It is a subject we will return to later.

[VIDEO] We’r Needin tae Talk Aboot Wir Language

[VIDEO] The Scots Language (with Len Pennie)

[VIDEO] Scottish People talking Slang and the Scots Language

[VIDEO] Speaking Scottish – Is Scots a language or slang

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