Asterix an Tintin in Scots


New Asterix and Tintin buiks are oot fae

“New in Scots for 2015, Asterix appears in twa o his best adventures – Asterix the Bonnie Fechter and Asterix and the Sassenachs. Translator Matthew Fitt has broht the unique Scots sense o humour tae mak these albums hilariously funny in a combination that aince again sees our gallus hero team up wi some roch gladiators and freendly Sassenachs tae gie short shrift tae the big-heidit Roman conqueror.

The Tintin series in Scots has certainly made quite an impression. The intrepid reporter’s adventures continue this year wi The Partan wi the Gowden Taes – takkin Tintin an Tarrie on a dangerous quest which sees them meetin Captain Haddie for the verra first time, as they pit their lives aince mair in the line o mortal danger”.

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