An Owresetter’s Tale

Bella kickin aff its new Scots leid policie.

A wis kittled ti owreset inti Scots in 1980. Whan A wis an undergraduate i the seiventies, A cudna veisit China acause o the soss an sotter of the sae-cried Cultural Revolution, sae A spent the fower year o ma MA course readin pre-modern fiction an drama, an tho we read a whein o poetry tae, we read a couple o novels in extenso, an the ane A likit best wis Shuihu Zhuan . A wis fair browdent on yon beuk, but A fund the English owresttins awfu puir, an A stertit ti wunner cud A dae’t better. A ettlt at it in English, but English wis stechie an unbowsome for a mediaeval reivin tale, the fursten maisterwark o vernacular Chinese, a beuk at uises a leid that’s souple, fresh, an new-farrant.

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