A guid St Andra’s Day tae ane an aw

A’v nivver got whit wey St Andra’s Day isna celebratit muckle mair. Luik at the stushie (an siller) makkit oot o St Paitrick’s day, e’en in Scotland. A doot mibbie comin jist aifter Halloween – aye a muckle do whan I wis wee – an nae lang afore Yule the timin’s no aw that guid. An we hae Hogmanay then Burns Nicht tae luik forrit tae in January. Bletherin awa on Facebuik ae bodie thocht St Andra’s Day was mair for posh folk an aw (“is it no a load o balls…”). A dinna ken but shairlie there eneuch Scottish entrepreneurs oot there tae big it up a bittie. A’m aye up for anither pairtie, fowks. Like the weel cuil Scottish lion on Google the day, tho.

[Vocabular: stushie – commotion, siller – money, doot – suspect, muckle – big, blether – chat, big –  build]

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