30 year o the news in Scots

Tak a swatch the first tea-three meenits o the first video tae see aince-kenspeckle Scottish news reader Mary Marquis daein somethin awfie, awfie strynge! (The first hauf o this 1986 documentary is kinna interestin forbye….)

Then we hae Catriona Shearer daein her stuff. A wunner if the difference atween her Scots news traitment and Mary M’s ane is aboot chyngin presentation styles.

Sae fowks wha haes bin the best Scots news braidcaster in the last 30 year? 😉

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BBC – GCSE English – The news in ScotsCatriona Shearer compares modern official use of English with the 16th Century uses.

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via Bbc
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