2019 wis “a year o firsts fir the Scots language”

Dr Michael Dempster: A year o firsts fir the Scots language (article is in the Scots language)

Dr Michael Dempster is the Director of the Scots Language Centre and is Creative Scotland’s Scots Scriever. While we’re celebrating the legacy of world-famous Scots language speaker Rabbie Burns tomorrow, it’s also a time to celebrate the many firsts that have taken place for the Scots language recently, and to celebrate its bright future…

Dr Michael Dempster reviews recent activities to promote Scots. “Twinty nineteen wis a year o firsts fir the Scots language…There wis the first Doric Film Festival, the first Scots Gaitherin conference, the first Scots Language Awards, an, o coorse, the first free tae aa, forty oor introductory coorse on the Scots language an culture wis launchit bi The Open University (OU). The first digital map o Scots placenemms wis launched bi the Deputy First Minister and the first Scottish Government Scots Publication Grant seen support gaun tae a wheen o publishers tae pit oot new warks in Scots. Whit’s gaun on here?”

English version (also printed in The Scotsman).

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